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3 New Electronic Songs to Get 2022 Started Just Right

Mannequins & Egos- Zhu

Happy Zhu Year! The ever enigmatic Zhu dropped the deluxe edition of his album, Dreamland (dropping the 2021 from the title) in the last few days of the year. The album on it's own was awesome and grew on me with every listen over the past year, but with this release came the surprise of two new songs, one of them being this one. Zhu rapping? It oddly enough works. It's dark, sultry, and token Zhu.

Fear of Dying- Alison Wonderland

"Fear of Dying" is the second release from the trap pioneer's as of now unnamed third album. I think this one actually might be better than the previous single, "Fuck U Love U." I especially love the way the drops get progressively heavier with each chorus. The last drop feels primed for this upcoming festival season.

From You- Bonobo featuring Joji

Last, and most certainly not least, Bonobo gives us our final sneak peak of his album, Fragments, due out January 14th. This one is another downtempo heavy hitter in the same spirit of his collaboration with Jamila Woods. Joji's smooth, light, soulful vocals fit right in one the peaceful production work of the British DJ. I'm really excited for this album drop.

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