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5 Songs to Add to Your Rotation

Tabula Rasa (featuring Armand Hammer)- Earl Sweatshirt

Incase you missed it, Earl Sweatshirt dropped his new album, SICK!, last month and this should definitely be on your radar. The Odd Future alum proves himself again as a master lyricist. The concept of the theory Tabula Rasa is that all people are born as blank slates, gathering their perceptions from individual experience, and knowing anything about Earl's background (the death of his father, getting famous as a teenager, being sent to reform school), we know that he has a lot of experience to form perspective. I also really love the simplistic, piano driven production.

The Last Dance- St. Paul and the Broken Bones

I know I wrote in my review of St. Paul and the Broken Bones that I was disappointed by their new album, The Alien Coast, and I stand by that. However, the band went full disco for the song "The Last Dance" and although it was still missing their signature horns, it felt like a confident step. This one was really infectious and was a good example of them taking an artistic risk with Paul Janeway's amazing falsetto still in tact.

Forget About Me- Aluna, Diplo, and Durante

Aluna (of AlunaGeorge fame) released this absolute heater with Diplo and Durante and it shouldn't shock anyone that Aluna's voice feels right at home on a house beat. Remember a little song called "White Noise" by Disclosure? Aluna brings the same energy here that she brought to the Disclosure collaboration. Try sitting still for this one, it's not possible. Aluna's celestial voice with the upbeat production is sure to make your day better.

Borne- Goose

This song marks a step away from the jam direction that Goose has become known for, more in favor of a sound similar to My Morning Jacket. I actually really love this song and Rick's vocals are more polished than ever, but my only concern is I hope this doesn't mark a shift in style. Even if it is, it will probably still be great, but I love jammy Goose.

Every Shade of Blue- The Head and the Heart

If you like The Lumineers, this is for you. Every Shade of Blue is the title track and lead single of the band's upcoming fifth album due out in April. This song sounds primed for an arena show. The drum beat and Josiah Johnson's vocals are ready to fill a wide open space with a crowd singing along.

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