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Album Premiere- "Call to Stillness"- Jannek

I had previously written about ambient and neo classical producer Jannek last year for the release of his debut album "Sunbow." Tomorrow will mark the release of his second album "Call to Stillness" building upon the atmospheric sound of his debut, but taking us down a darker path, but one that doesn't come without letting the wave crash over you before stripping away darkness and insecurities to bring us to a place of healing. As the title insinuates, this album explores the theme of sitting with the darkness and really feeling it rather than fighting it.

On "Call to Stillness," Jannek, again, collaborates again with Natalie Mack providing vocals, Clemens Grassman returns on drums & percussion, and Chase Porter on violin, but also sees new collaborations with Kristeen Young on contributing vocals and Carlo DeBiaggio on upright bass. Though this album has moments that might air more on the melancholy side, "Call to Stillness" achieves such a peace that provides clarity, almost like a deep meditation.

What I love about Jannek's work is how it modernizes classical music, borrowing from traditional sounds and music methodologies, but making them modern and appealing, almost electronic even. It's a breath of fresh air having classical music back in my life after a long leave of absence (I was classically trained in piano for 9 years).

The album drops this Friday, January 22nd. I highly recommend listening because it allows, as the title says, for stillness and serenity. If you like ambient music, don't miss it, but for now, check out the lead single, "Doran Flower."

"Doran Flower" feels like that moment on a solo hike when you reach the peak and you look down at the world below you. The reverb of the guitar also introduces us to a more psychedelic side of Jannek's music. His music is further proof that music can say so much with no words.

You can stream "Call to Stillness" on all platforms tomorrow, January 22nd. You can also follow him on Instagram:

Instagram: weise_words

TikTok: weisewords

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