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Album Review: Silk Sonic- An Evening with Silk Sonic

It's finally here. The combination of Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars really is as awesome as we all thought it would be. After teasing us with three incredible singles and a huge social media presence from both parties, Silk Sonic finally dropped their debut album last Friday with the emcee talents of Bootsy Colins playing host and a Thundercat collaboration that will blow your mind. The album delivers in every way possible and is an amazing call back to 70's disco and soul music.

From the second you hit play, the minute long "Silk Sonic Intro" hooks your with the smooth as jazz vocal harmonies, background horns, and Bootsy Collins introduction that set the stage for what is about to be a disco-soul party for the ages, bleeding into the smash hit lead single "Leave the Door Open." The number one hit sees Paak use the call and response format "Watchu Doin (Watchu Doin)/Where You At (Where You At)" that's so catchy and effective, giving lead to Bruno Mars' dominating, iconic vocals for what has become one of the most successful and recognizable late night jams of 2021.

Bruno Mars has had mainstream appeal for over a decade now being one of the most successful artist of the 2010's, but I feel like in 2021, we're finally seeing Anderson Paak finally get his mainstream moment that he has deserved for a really long time. We've been watching him inch his way closer and closer to superstardom over the past 6 or so years and his popularity certainly skyrocketed before this, but Silk Sonic is giving him the radio airplay, main music chart entry, and allowing him to be a party of conversations that he has always been worthy of being a part of.

I think this teaming up is mutually beneficial, though. Bruno Mars was never hurting for chart topping hits, but what we're seeing with the coming together of these two successful artists is both of them being pushed to new heights in terms of putting out their best music. The two of them also just exude cool and confidence in their delivery. "Skate," was released as the second single and plays like a lot of Bruno Mars' most infectious hits, but Anderson Paak adds the touch that was missing prior to Silk Sonic. The song is upbeat, it's fun and repeatable, and like much of his songs, a great homage to the disco era.

Anderson Paak screaming his iconic "YES LAWD!" on "777" instantly made me remember the music of the Malibu era that made me realize that he really was something special. The song feels like the best version of Paak as the song is fresh and cocky in the best way possible, celebrating being the "Pretty Motherfucker with Some Money to Blow" that he is.

My ultimate standout track is "After Last Night" because everything Thundercat touches turns to gold. The song is the ultimate summation of the Silk Sonic vibe: it's overflowing with soul and touches of funk, it's wildly provocative, and made the album worth the wait.

My only complaint? I wish there were more! 30 minutes isn't enough.


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