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Artists You Should Be Listening To Part 2

Continuing my previous post of artists I've found over the past couple of years that have become favorites! This time I have more of an indie pop and electronic focus.

Remi Wolf

I learned about Remi Wolf through another blog I follow and she's next in this wave of pop stars that follow a DIY style (think Clairo or Cuco). She also was a contestant on American Idol in 2014 which means she's probably the most recent relevant person from American Idol in 15 years. Her stuff is super poppy and a lot of fun.

Also check out: Disco Man and Rufufus

Luke the Knife

Odds are you haven't heard of Luke the Knife (I hadn't until very, very recently), but you DO probably know the jam band Lotus. Luke the Knife is the electronic side project of Lotus' keyboard player Luke Miller and might I say, he slaps. His debut album, Disco Nap, dropped recently and the title says it all. If you're looking for electro-funk, Luke is your guy.

Also check out: She's So Damn Fine and Better Mind

Goth Babe

Goth Babe has been killin' it the past couple years, not even just in music, but at life in general. Living out of his camper and producing music on the go, his music reflects his nomadic lifestyle. It just sounds like a bike ride through the cascades. He is definitely one of the most prominent artists in the indie circuit right now and is starting to pop up on festival lineups too. The future is bright for this one.

Also check out: Canary Islands and Encinitas


If you're into electronic music, you probably know his song, Cola with CamelPhat (there's also a Zhu remix of it that's fire). I recommend digging deeper though because recently I've realized this guy's got bangers. He's got a house style that you could really throw on the background for any scenario. He's popping up on festival lineups too and even though he's typically lower on the poster, I don't think he will be for long.

Also check out: Cola and Never Gonna Forget (Black Coffee featuring Diplo and Elderbrook)


Sunsquabi crosses off a few different genres here, but electro-funk is their bread and butter. Think Griz (a frequent collaborator), but maybe a little more on the jam side. This instrumental trio is sure to get you up and dancing with a killer live show: bright lights and an actual live band. These guys are sick and are super underrated.

Also check out: Odyssey (featuring Griz) and Night Moth

See the full playlist for Parts One and Two below:

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