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Best New Songs of August (So Far)

ooeeooeeoo- CAPYAC

I've been seeing headlines from music publications about how 2020 and 2021 are marking the comeback or disco and though I don't think it's wrong, I say "Where the hell have you been?" Anyway, this is a great song in all that. If you like Chromeo, this song is for you. It's catchy, it's dance-y, and it will hook you instantly. Give this one some love because it definitely deserves more than it's getting.

Walk the Beat- Tierra Whack

Does the name Tierra Whack sound familiar to you? It might be whether it's from "TD" a collaboration with Lil Yachty, Tyler the Creator, and ASAP Rocky, or her song "Peppers and Onions" which was featured on an Apple commercial a while back and is a banger. This rapper from Philly is awesome and this song fits the bill. Want some catchy, sung hooks with dope raps? Look no further.

Take My Breath- The Weeknd

Not me talking about the disco comeback of the past few years again. I truly think The Weeknd deserves every bit of acclaim he gets and he's ushered out the After Hours era fairly quickly in favor of this new disco tune and I'm pretty into it. He's got a knack for making music that fits the moment so I have no doubt future singles and the forthcoming album will be great. He doesn't need awards, he's got streaming numbers, fans, and critical acclaim.

Lilac- Natty Reeves

Need some smooth, modern jazz in your life? Well I sure did and this just hit the spot. Natty Reeves is a musician and painter that is on the rise and he doesn't need lyrics when his instrumentals say so much on their own. I love playing this one first thing in the morning because its so melodic and easy on the ears.

In My Arms- Disclosure

This one is hot off the presses as in yesterday and it is supposedly the first of FIVE (!!!) releases coming this week from the legendary house duo. You know what to expect at this point. Good, clean, house beats and this one does not disappoint. This one feels a little more old school house and is a bit of a divergence from the African inspired beats they had been playing on the past few years (which were amazing). Hopefully this means a new album? I wasn't too, too crazy about the most recent studio album, ENERGY, so I'm hoping this is ushering in a new era.

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