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Indie Artist Spotlight: Ari & the Buffalo Kings

It is, quite literally, such an honor to be writing about such hardworking and talented creatives that make Baltimore a better place. For today's spotlight, I'm proud to be writing about Baltimore's own Ari and the Buffalo Kings, fresh off of their debut album release over the weekend. The group establishes their own brand of sound with vivid lyrics that paint pictures of life's funniest and even most existential or awkward moments, paired with flute and horns that expand beyond the normal frame of folk into something so fun and unique.

Ari and the Buffalo Kings is lead singer Ari Pluznik also on guitar, keys, and bass; Danielle Williams on vocals and flute (which, honestly, is the coolest thing ever. More flute, please); Gino Hannah on vocals and bass; Jim Hannah on drums and percussion; Zach Silberschlag on trumpet (!!!); and Daisy Castro on violin (!!!). Go ahead again and read that list again because a group of that many instruments coming together to create something so sonically satisfying is something you don't see everyday.

The group released their debut album over the weekend paired with a killer performance at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore to celebrate. You can stream the album below:

What stands out to me here is the song writing that is so raw, funny, and relatable. The songs each tell a story and create detailed images of all walks of life, specifically on "Year or Two" which is my stand-out track along with "Gay Girls." This band draws great inspiration from the era of the hippie movement and throws it in conjunction with lyrics that will make you laugh, cry, and think.

Check out their bandcamp and follow their Instagram: ari_buffalokings.

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