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Indie Artist Spotlight: Boat Water

I'm ecstatic to share this one, not just because they are from Baltimore, but the sheer versatility and awesomeness of this band. Boat Water is a group of five that have been around since 2006 on the verge of releasing their new record Ambrosia! Ambrosia! You Will Live Forever, But No One Will Know Ya! via Baron Tapes. The album is due for a late November release and explores themes of excess in more ways than one: the psychedelic punk sound akin to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard; the epic song run times; the lyrics that tell stories of greed.

Boat Water is a great musical representation for what Baltimore is. It's chaotic in the best way possible, goes a lot of different directions, and once you find it, you can't help but love it.

The lead singe from the album, "A Song About a Bear" is available to stream below via Bandcamp.

If you love psychedelic music, this is a can't miss. The band's lyrics are simple, but possibly pose honey as a metaphor for anything that can be excessive in our culture: money, sex, drugs, etc. Chasing the honey, Tasting the honey, Getting the honey. Check out their Bandcamp for more of their music, follow their Instagram at boatwatersunkin, and be on the lookout for Ambrosia! Ambrosia! later this month.

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