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Indie Artist Spotlight: Brandon Kanion

For day two of Indie Artist Spotlight Week, I'm happy to feature alternative R&B and soul singer, Brandon Kanion. From the second you hit play on his recently released album, Burning Bridges, you're hooked by his larger than life voice. It's clear right off the bat that Brandon has a gift he's willing to share with us, but the emotion behind his delivery whether it be joyful like in the track "Black Boy Magic" or sadness in the track "Hurt People," you immediately are struck with the lightening of the power and feeling within his voice.

Brandon is a Baltimore native who credits gospel influence as well as being a theatre geek to his sound and his songwriting that conveys his own real life experiences. Don't just take my word for the insane talent he possesses, listen to Burning Bridges below:

Every song on this album feels larger than life, from the vivid lyrics to the top-notch production work, and helps paint the picture of who Brandon is, and I think the best thing about it is that it grips you instantly without any duds. My standout track would be "Can't Let You Go" because of the turns it takes, showcasing his wide vocal range transitioning to a hip-hop influenced breakdown three and a half minutes in. Shoot him a follow on Instagram: brandonkanion.

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