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Indie Artist Spotlight: Jannek

Finishing out what has been an awesome week of highlighting indie artist with the debut of producer and composer, Jannek. Today marks the release of his debut album, "Sunbow" which is a masterful combination of classical, jazz, and ambient music. The album is a result of a search for peace during the height of covid, fleeing New York City for the tranquility of dockside mindfulness meditation.

This isn't your grandparents' classical music. This isolation-inspired soundtrack features synth with light vocals by Natalie Mack blanketing crescendos of percussion, bass, saxophone, and violin that somehow bring peace as they build.

Post isolation, Jannek made it back to his home city to finish recording his comforting vision that is necessary in a harsh, oftentimes scary, present. On top of Mack's vocals, he features contributions from Tony Visconti on bass, Donny McClasin on tenor sax, Clemens Grassman on percussion, and Chase Potter on violin. You can stream the album below:

This is ambient music for fans of the likes of Odesza and Porter Robinson best exemplified in the track "Liquify." The epic synth compounds over the strings into a piano finale that decrescendos to the song's end. The album contains great emotional depth and genre versatility, all without lyrics. That's powerful.

Check out Jannek's website for more at

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