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Indie Artist Spotlight: Michaelis

Today's Indie Artist Spotlight is pretty special. Other than the music being awesome, this is my first artist profile from an artist outside the United States! Michaelis has a dark, hazy feel similar to that of The Weeknd and I'm not just saying that because he's from Toronto. Listening to his new single, "Product of the Lost & Found" takes you on an epic glitch-hop trip that's heightened by his haunting vocals and cyberpunk aesthetic. His music absolutely oozes a melancholy cool.

Michaelis is quite an artist in every sense. He not only does his own mixing and mastering, but his own visual edits. He also credits his wildly talented producers he feels privileged to work with. Put this all together and he conjures a vision and brings it all together through sight and sound.

"Product of the Lost & Found" was released on September 11th. You can stream it below:

I love Miachelis' play on the dark pop sound and persona. Rather than going for something we've all heard a million times on the radio, his production work will make you stop in your tracks with an allure that is bound to transport you to a sonic, futuristic dystopia in the best way possible.

Shoot him a follow on Instagram: michaelisjack

Shoot me a follow on Instagram: weise_words

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