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Indie Artist Spotlight: Motel Camp

I am way overdue to be spotlighting more indie artists and you all already know I have a soft spot for Maryland artists. Motel Camp is the side project of Phantom Derby's (a previous spotlight) Alex Kessler, who released his EP "Feels Like Yesterday" on New Years Eve. Listening to these six tracks evoke such familiar feelings: the "no one understands me" feeling, the "I'm over my hometown" feeling," the "drinking alcohol for the first time in your friend's basement" feeling. If you were a teenager in the mid-2000's-early 2010's, this will surely resonate. After listening to the EP, I was scrolling through his instagram (motel_camp) where Alex reveals that this was a collection of old high school songs which made me love this even more. It has the words of someone going through that stage, sung with the voice of someone who looks back on it with nostalgia.

Check out "Feels Like Yesterday" below.

This EP takes a lot of influence from the emo genre of fifteen years ago, but makes it more digestible gearing a bit toward indie rock. It feels right at home with the wave of emo and punk-inspired music that has had a huge comeback over the past two years.

Standout Song: "Awkward Situations." You can for sure find this soon on my Weise Words Discover Weekly playlist.

Instagram: weise_words

TikTok: weisewords

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