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Indie Artist Spotlight: Oliver Myles Mashburn

For my third post this week of exclusively highlighting indie artists, I'm proud to present to you the work of Oliver Myles Mashburn. This might sound odd, but I approach country music similar to how I approach hip-hop meaning that when it's good, it's REALLY good. Oliver's sound can be segmented into what's called outlaw country. Think of Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers, or Sturgill Simpson who are all a part of this sub-genre. Oliver stands out on his own, though. What I like here is the outlaw country sound that's rooted in true country roots, taking influence from the likes of Johnny Cash.

Oliver is a Hudson, NY native who is inspired by the punk rock scene of New York City, mid 20th century blues, and rockabilly twang (Cash).

He recently released his debut solo single "Ten White Horses" earlier this month in anticipation of his upcoming album, Jaws of Oblivion. Stream the single below:

I love outlaw country with a touch of blues and this is exactly what we're working with here. Lyrical themes of being born to stand out; the whole "packing up, leaving, going wherever the road takes me" trope has all found a good home within "Ten White Horses." You could say the song is a real life allegory to starting a new chapter with his country sound, placing a book-mark in his rock roots: not necessarily abandoning them, but more so keeping a placeholder and taking some of it to influence his next endeavor.

Check him out on Instagram, not just for his music, but his visual arts too: olivermylesmashburn

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