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Indie Artist Spotlight: Phantom Derby

I love taking any opportunity I can to spotlight indie bands that are based in Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland.Today's spotlight, I'm proud to write about Maryland band, Phantom Derby. This three-piece act has a really cool garage-rock sound with an alternative edge. Listening to their music will quench your nostalgia thirst, reminding you of that suburban angst you felt in your teenage years, constantly wanting to scream "fuck you" to the void.

Phantom Derby is Alex Kessler on bass and lead vocals, Jeff Cusick on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Kevin Daniel on drums.

They released their inaugural EP "Derby Days" on July 23rd, which you can stream below:

I think the band does a great job playing on the "teenage wasteland" feel without succumbing to the kitschiness of emo or pop-punk (which is making a huge come back right now). This is best exemplified in the first track, "Oh Well," which feels grungy and could even be likened to some early Green Day. Head on over to to learn more or you can follow their Instagram: phantom_derby.

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