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Indie Artist Spotlight: Zoe Gabrielle

Each artist this week has had a very unique sound and today's is no different! For the fourth post in Indie Artist Spotlight week, I'm covering industry new-comer, Zoe Gabrielle. Zoe's indie pop sound teeters on the edge of lo-fi and could be classified into the immensely popular category known as bedroom pop. If you like Clairo's earlier work, you can easily gravitate to Zoe's infectious vibe on her first single, "Across the Room."

Zoe is originally from Nebraska and based in Chicago. She draws inspiration from her classical training and her experiences in musical theatre, but uses what she's learned from traditional training and makes it modern.

Zoe's just released her first two singles, her second one being released Wednesday. While "Across the Room" is upbeat and fun, she shows a different side on her new release,"No Service." The track is more R&B; her vocals sounding light, airy, even sounding celestial at times. She collaborates with Forrest Del who's hip-hop verse fits right in to the song's late night vibe. You can stream both singles below:

I can see both of these tracks being performed during a late night festival set, "Across the Room" being an inevitable great set closure. I'm excited for what the future holds for this new artist as she builds upon and diversifies her sound. You can check her out on Instagram at zoegabriellan.

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