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Maryland Artists You Should Be Listening To

Ari and the Buffalo Kings

Baltimore band, Ari and the Buffalo Kings released their debut single last Friday, Year or Two, ahead of their album release this weekend. They actually will be doing an album release party show in Baltimore this Saturday and you can get tickets here. The single (which you can stream below) is an optimistic folk tune that's got it all: introspective, feel good lyrics sung by Ari Pluznik and standout flute work by Danielle Williams and trumpet by Zach Silberschlag, Gino Hannah on bass, and Jim Hannah on drums. The debut single is just beaming positive energy and I can't wait to share more about the album next week after its release.Th

Aybe Lexington

Aybe Lexington, from the Baltimore area, released her debut album this year and it just oozes soul. Her voice has a moving, gospel feel with emotional delivery reminiscent of 90's R&B. Her song "Bad Taste" from her album 6803 looks inward on a heart-broken woman trying to break a pattern (you can stream it below). She's got great production work on the album that only highlights her intense delivery.

Little Lungs

Little Lungs is an indie band that I think is a best representation of Baltimore. They have moments that are really light, beautiful, and atmospheric, but can turn on their heads into something more heavy and gripping, but somehow that transition is endless. Little Lungs is Leena Rhodes on lead vocals and guitar, Ethan Salem on guitar, Jordan Mercer on bass, and Erik Schwarzenberg on drums and production. Their recent EP, Better than Blue, can be streamed on Spotify and has my favorite song of theirs, "Overgrown" which you can stream below.

Phantom Derby

I had recently written about Maryland indie band, Phantom Derby, with their debut EP Derby Days which was released last month. This trio has formed a great garage-rock vibe. If you were a fan of the very popular garage-rock sound of the late 2000's and early 2010's like me, this is a band for you. They're effort in reviving that suburban angst we all felt in our teen years pays off in their EP which you can steam below.


Sanith is a Baltimore producer that is kind of a jack of all trades. He mostly leans into what most would consider trap or future bass, but does an amazing job of making pop-electronic music as well as remixes that aren't kitschy, often with his own vocals. I highly encourage you to check out his Soundcloud here which features his recent remixes of Kiss Me More (Doja Cat and SZA) and Levitating (Dua Lipa). Below, you can stream my favorite song of his, "Over It" which showcases his full scope of talent as a singer and producer.

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