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Modern Love (and Heartbreak) Songs Part II

About five months ago, I pointed out a few of my love and heartbreak songs that I think are better than the cliche love songs that are recycled over and over again. In my previous post, I pointed out that love looks so different now and I think these songs appeal more to younger adults. Here are four more I've found really encapsulate these feelings.

Love Like Mine- Miami Horror

This is by far my favorite upbeat love song and is included in my list of top ten songs of all time. Miami Horror is an extremely underrated electro-pop band who's heartbreak, for me, lies in that they don't release enough music. After all, this song is from their most recent album in 2015. I love this song because it sings to me exactly what falling in love feels like. It's joyful, it's stuck in your head, it's oddly emotional, and my fondness for it grows with age.

Golden- My Morning Jacket

If you look up My Morning Jacket on Spotify, this is their #1 song and if you listen to it, it's very easy to see why. This song is about so many things and is up for interpretation, but the last verse really sticks with the romantic in me: "We'll be right here forever/Go through this thing together/And on heaven's golden shore we'll lay our heads." I've written before about how haunting and beautiful Jim James' voice is and this is just the best example.

Love/Paranoia- Tame Impala

Love a good slow, sad Tame Impala ballad about the demise of a relationship. Kevin Parker sings about a relationship that has turned into a dreadful unraveling of what was once euphoric and intoxicating.This album, Currents, has no shortage of breakup songs and is, in fact, my favorite album of all time due to its mix of pop, disco, and rock genres with melancholy lyrics.

Dying in the Subtlety- Cautious Clay

Cautious Clay was a new find for me this year and this song was the standout from his new album, Deadpan Love. The song talks about emotional uncertainty and presenting only the best version of yourself, negating the parts that you wouldn't present upfront. But once you find that person, those parts don't matter right? The theme here is love is about accepting all of somebody.

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