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More Songs I Can't Stop Listening To- December 2021

"No Choice"- Tame Impala

In case you missed it, Kevin Parker finally gave us a taste of our first B-Sides from The Slow Rush due out in February. "No Choice" is a great homage to Tame's older sound, feeling like it might belong on Lonerism, which in my opinion is a good thing. I absolutely love all four Tame Impala albums, but if I had to rank them, The Slow Rush would be last, so I was glad this one stood out.

"B-Side"- Khruangbin and Leon Bridges

If you follow me on social media, you know that Khruangbin and Leon Bridges announcing their sequel EP to Texas Sun, called Texas Moon, you know it was the biggest deal ever. The EP is due out in February, but the first single "B-Side" does not disappoint. I talked a lot with my fiancé about how Texas Sun just HAD to lead to more whether it be a tour or more music. Since we have more music, can we get a tour, please?

"24"- LP Giobbi and Born Dirty

I wrote about LP Giobbi a few months ago as one to watch and she is taking the house world by storm. She's popping up on every festival lineup undercard and is even striking a chord with jam heads as she will be playing Dead & Co's Playing in the Sand in 2022. Every song of hers just feels so good and this is no exception. This one's a great mood booster.

"Sinnerman"- Goose

Did you have Goose covering Nina Simone on your 2022 bingo card? Of course you didn't because no one did! Goose puts their own jammy spin on the classic with all proceeds going toward New Hope for Families. I'm convinced at this point that Goose could cover pretty much any song and make it sound great, but also unique in a style that's their own. They really don't miss.

"Fuck U Love U"- Alison Wonderland

The queen of trap (the trap queen, if you will) has returned with her first single of 2021. "Fuck U Love U" serves as the second single for her upcoming third album. The song is quintessential Alison being sonically dark with edgy lyrics. Alison has been very vocal about her struggles with mental health the past few years resulting from an abusive relationship and I hope that this song is therapeutic in the expression of her emotions.

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