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Song Premiere: "Drunk at the Airport"- Palm Trees in Moscow

Been far, far too long since I’ve done an indie artist spotlight and, as always, it’s my pleasure to cover Baltimore artists. I’m back covering a local favorite of mine, Palm Trees in Moscow, with his new roots-inspired track, “Drunk at the Airport” which takes heavy influence from R.E.M.

From the second you hit play, the song is an instant homage to 90’s rock which is so refreshing in a period where everyone seems to be obsessing over the comeback of mid-2000’s emo. The song way the drums and guitar layer over each other with Chris’ powerful, often perfectly angsty vocals create a layer of musical nostalgia as he sings about getting out of your own way.

Be on the lookout for the song to drop on streaming platforms on June 6th!

Check out Palm Trees in Moscow on Instagram: palmtreesinmoscow

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