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Songs I Can't Stop Listening To- December 2021

"Be Careful"- Kaytranada ft Thundercat

If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you know that any collaboration that involves Thundercat will easily get my attention, but Kaytranada and Thundercat coming together is next level. Kaytranada's got the lo-fi house thing down pat, and Thundercat's soulful, falsetto filled vocals feel right at home. This is sure to be a hit at festivals this summer and if this does it for you, I highly recommend you check out the two other songs on Kaytranada's Intimidated EP which includes an appearance from R&B singer H.E.R.

"Pressin'"- St Christoph & Shaade

This is that feel good shit you've been looking for. I had never heard of St Christoph or Shaade before finding this song, but I'm already hooked. This song is so funky and catchy and is the perfect mood booster. Being the most repeatable on this list, this is a great, lyrically light love song that really fits any occasion.

"Just Calling"- Logic1000

I am, once again, a huge sucker for some great house music and "Just Calling" fits the bill. I think why this resonates with me so much is it literally sounds like it could be on Settle by Disclosure which is one of my all time favorite albums (top 3 electronic albums, no question). The way the song builds, the satisfying chord progressions, and the absence of lyrics force you to look at nothing, but the beat. And it's perfect.

"Tree House"- Lemaitre and Ruben

This one is an interesting pick for me, personally, because I listened to Lemaitre's new album Substellar and didn't really like it, but I have found myself addicted to the song "Tree House." The duo does a great job on this track of balancing their electronic sound with indie elements which can be really hard to do without leaning too far in one direction (the standard for me was The Postal Service and let's be real, nothing will ever touch that). Regardless of how I felt about the album, this song is awesome and should be in your rotation.

"Flowers in My Chest"- The Field Tapes and Ezzy

It's December so lo-fi season is in full swing. If you're looking for music to match your quiet winter mornings (one of my favorite things), you're going to want to throw this in your rotation. It's funny, I was with my fiancés family over the weekend for a Hanukkah celebration and Saturday night and I somehow found myself pitching them on lo-fi music after a few drinks, before I know it, we're watching football on mute to lo-fi music and her mom is telling me how awesome of a concept it is! This song is great because it makes me feel at peace.

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