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Songs I Can't Stop Listening To- October 2021

Sexy Villain- Remi Wolf

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I haven't been able to stop with Remi Wolf's God-tier debut album, Juno, and "Sexy Villain" is the standout track. Remi's got something so fun and unique in her funky, larger than life voice, hyper-sexual lyrics, and unbelievably catchy hooks. All best exemplified on this song. Actually, just listen to the whole album. It's a perfect 10.

Alive- SoDown

So Down is one of those artists who has been on the come up for a few years now and I think is about to hit it really big and really soon. He's so versatile in his music ranging from something melodic and poppy with a hint of future bass to glitch hop and dub step. A friend of mine told me that So Down is like if Griz, Zeds Dead, and Pretty Lights had a baby and this song is the perfect example of what that might sound like. So Down deserves to be on the same tier as those artists and I hope he is soon.

Endlessly- Groove Dealers

At first listen, this song might sound familiar and that's because it is a slowed down and revised version of "Believe Me" by Navos which you have probably heard before in passing. This version is a little less club friendly, and a little more mind-twisting. If you're looking for new trap music, Groove Dealers is for you.

Sex & Cigarettes- Jeremy Zucker

Had to put at least one sad song in here, right? If you're. fan of Quinn XCII or Chelsea Cuttler, you probably are already listening to Jeremy Zucker, but if you like indie pop, he's your guy. The song tells the trials and tribulations of being in love with an addict and trying to empathize, being able to only chase the high through sex and cigarettes.

Monument- Greensky Bluegrass

I've said in previous posts that jam music is growing on me and the same goes for bluegrasss music and I can thank Greensky Bluegrass for that one (Billy Strings too). "Monument" is the lead single for their new album Stress Dreams which comes out in January. Greensky is 100% a band I would recommend to someone who is tipping their toe into the jam and bluegrass scenes. The banjo, mandolin, and vocal harmonies are top notch.

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