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Songs I Can't Stop Listening To- September 2021

Anderson Paak- Fire in the Sky

Anderson Paak released his first solo single in what feels like ages (although, it's only been a year and Bruno Mars has songwriting credit). "Fire in the Sky" is a part of Marvel's Shang-Chi soundtrack. To be honest, I probably won't watch the movie, but this song is 1000% worth repeat listens. The melancholy piano intro into Andy P's vocals that are smooth as butter create a sense of nostalgia for his Ventura era. I've loved Silk Sonic and Jewelz and pretty much everything he put out in 2020, but this is a nod to his earlier sound, but it sounds crisper and cleaner. This is the fall in love, late-summer, late night vibe.

Tom Misch- Smells Like Teen Spirit (Quarantine Sessions)

My most controversial music opinion is that I think Nirvana is overhyped. I've had most people in my life tell me I'm wrong, and that's fine. but I'm not one for grunge music. You know what I do like, though? Psychedelic jazz takes on played-out grunge songs. Insanely talented musician and producer Tom Misch gave us his take on the Nirvana classic and gave indie heads a gift wrapped in layers of electric guitar that takes freedom from the original with his own sonic tangents. Rather than telling me I'm wrong about Nirvana, listen to this cover because we'll all be able to agree it's awesome.

Glass Animals- I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)

Glass Animals continue their Dreamland (one of my perfect ten albums) era with the new single and bonus track for the album's deluxe edition, "I Don't Wanna Talk." I can't put into words how much I love this group and how that love just continues to grow. Dave Bailey's voice and creative use of psychedelic pop production shines on this new song. It baffles me that this didn't make the original cut of the album because it fits right in and is such a fun track on part with "Your Love (Deja Vu)" and "Space Ghost Coast to Coast." I also saw them perform this (and the other two aforementioned songs) at Firefly last weekend and have been so stuck on it since. They really do put on one hell of a show.

Keys N Krates- Original Classic

Electronic/Hip-Hop group Keys N Krates returned with a collaboration with none other than Juicy J and you can make fun of me all you want, but Juicy J makes any song he's on a thousand times more fun. By no means is he one of the best rappers out there, but he's got hooks for days and his verse on this song is awesome, but also kind of hilarious. "Name another rapper with a 20 year run." I can name many, but you do you. The beat on this one has reggaeton influence combined with the hip-hop and R&B verses make for a certified banger. I'm surprised this one hasn't taken off more, but maybe it will. This one will be stuck in your head and is a good add to your pre-game playlist.

alt-J- U&ME

Alt-J FINALLY returned this month after a four year hiatus with their new single "U&ME" and to announce their album due out early next year. I like to pretend I conjured this one up because I thought a lot this summer about how alt-J hadn't released anything in a while. It's nice to hear Joe Newman's unique voice again on something new. The song has an incredibly peaceful feel and is a much welcomed return for the indie rock band. I can't wait for this album to drop and see if they continue with their super cool, electro-folk sound. On top of all this, they announced a 2022 tour with Portugal. the Man as well.

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