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Songs I Play to Feel Something

I got a ton of great feedback on my Albums I Play to Feel Something post, so I wanted to do specific songs that get my emotions stirring. Like I mentioned in my albums post, music hits me a lot harder than real life does. These posts aren't so much about depression music as much as they are about, like the title says, feeling something.

Lamb's Wool- Foster the People

The melancholy piano, the lyrics about life and death. Sheesh. This song is incredibly beautiful and shows just how wide the scope of talent is for Foster the People. Keyboardist, Isom Innis conceived the instrumental after the death of his grandmother, Marc Foster, wrote the lyrics being inspired by the death of his uncle. Do yourself a favor and listen to this one, it's quite possibly their best song.

Cold- Chris Stapleton

Anything and I mean ANYTHING that Chris Stapleton touches turns to gold. Him as well as his band have unique song writing abilities that go beyond just heart break country, taking out anything kitschy and making it raw and emotional. Stapleton's voice is also the most soulful in country music. Even if you don't like country (I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan), don't write him off because of a saturated genre.

Welcome Home- My Morning Jacket

This song is perfect for the state of the world right now. Things opening back up, getting to see our friends again, and, of course, the return of live music. Even though it was recorded in 2015 and released in 2020, I sit here listening to this song right now and it feels serendipitous. I also have a very distinct vision of them opening with this song when I see them this fall, so this is a part of me manifesting that.

Texas Sun- Khruangbin & Leon Bridges

Ahead of the release of their 2020 album, Mordechai, Khruangbin graced our presence with a 4 track EP collaboration with Leon Bridges called Texas Sun and the title song is absolutely perfect. The southern riffs, the psychedelic overtones, the romantic lyrics, Leon's voice. I don't know what else to say.

At the Door- The Strokes

This one is for all the 2000's indie kids who worshipped The Strokes and recognized Is This It as one of the greatest albums (and perhaps the best debut album) of all time. After the first two albums and by the mid-2000's, The Strokes were facing some turmoil in their career and things felt sub-par for a long, long time. That ended with 2020's The New Abnormal which is regarded as their comeback album. When "At the Door" dropped as the lead single, the melancholy instrumentation and contemplative lyrics marked a new era for the band that fans have waited so long for. This isn't maybe as traditionally as emotional a song as others on this list, but I think it gives me goosebumps because of what it represents.

One More Year- Tame Impala

This is the first track of off 2020's long awaited album, The Slow Rush. With lockdowns from COVID happening only a month later that lasted a year, this was THE theme song for me for 2020. I have a ticket to Bonnaroo this year which Tame is headlining (which will also be the first show if the tour) and I literally get chills thinking about hearing this as an opener. Again, trying to manifest that.

Hey Ma- Bon Iver

Bon Iver is the crown jewel in terms of depression music. Justin Vernon's lyrics and effects and contributions from Jake Luppen of Hippocampus make for this feelsy jam. Vernon wrote the song as an ode to his mother and childhood. It's simpler than many other Bon Iver tracks and super fans of theirs may scoff at me for using a song from "i,i" which was not as critically successful as previous albums (that doesn't make it even slightly bad though. Their bar is absurdly high).

2009- Mac Miller

This very well might be the saddest song on the list. I touched on this album, Swimming, in my recent post about albums I play to feel something. This is a standout track. It's about coming full circle, about dealing with life's trials and tribulations. What really makes this sad is that it ends on a happier note and made us feel things were ok. Sadly, Mac Miller died a month after this song was released. It's a reminder of what demons he was facing and how at the end of the day, he was human just like you and I. This song and whole album hit so different now than it did in August 2018.

Agnes- Glass Animals

Glass Animals' lead singer Dave Bailey has said before this is a tough one for him to perform live. The song is the closing track from their album, How to be a Human Being, which is a concept album about the human experience. This song, specifically, deals with addiction and watching someone you love get consumed. It's too real and relatable and very sad, but so, so good.

Superstition- Young the Giant

I've covered this song before in a post detailing my favorite love songs, but it's too damn good to bring up just once. The song uses physics metaphors to talk about not believing in fate or destiny and tying it to letting the natural feelings of love flow. Sameer's vocals shine here as always and the instrumental is beautiful.

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