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Video Premiere: "Blood in the Water"- Palm Trees in Moscow

Since revamping my website six months ago and adding in social channels, my favorite part about creating this platform has been being able to connect with indie artists and form partnerships to help them promote their work. I have written about Palm Trees in Moscow back in September specifically around the release of his shoe-gaze inspired, experimental single "Blood in the Water," so when he reached out letting me know that a music video was coming, I had to promote it.

"Blood in the Water's" video takes influence from film maker David Lynch, so you know this shit is going to get weird in the best way possible. The quick edits and the layering of scenery are reminiscent of Lynch's Mulholland Drive and "Blood in the Water's" trippy, new wave sound fits right in to a video that's so fun and perfectly campy.

You can stream the video below:

I love the variation in tone this video has that goes from the humorous lifeguard bits that could be alluding to rescuing a failing relationship, to the clips of frontman Chris Frantz singing in a dark, beautiful chaos of changing lights and scenery. The juxtaposition of the two tones overlapping one another go perfectly well with a sound that's influenced by so many different genres.

Check out Palm Trees in Moscow on Instagram: palmtreesinmoscow

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